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Welcome to the MobiSAM blog. MobiSAM is a Mobile Social Accountability Monitoring platform and a citizen participation tool that allows  citizens and civic actors to engage with the government on service delivery.


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MobiSAM is currently being rolled out in Makana Municipality, located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.
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Makana Municipality is planning on using MobiSAM to communicate more effectively and efficiently with residents around public services and citizens can equally benefit by being able to  communicate with the municipality and report problems directly to the municipality through mobile phones. MobiSAM hopes to spread to other municipalities in the Eastern Cape.


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MobiSAM is gearing up to launch its application in Makana in  September 2016. Once live and running MobiSAM will allow registered users to:

  • Report service delivery problems using any type of mobile phone;
  • Receive important service delivery information/notices or responses to reported cases directly from the municipality;
  • Collate and visualise reported problems so that all registered users can monitor reported cases;

We invite you to follow us on this journey! Join us as we share our experiences, lessons, highs and lows.  On top of keeping you updated on our journey and the lessons we are learning we also want to hear and learn from you! Please feel free to join in our conversation and share your stories with us.

Our blog is slowly populating and still under construction. So bear with us as we make numerous changes as part of growing and improving the blog.



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