Save water: report burst pipes

By Hancu Louw: Citizen Engagement and Communications Officer

Our Municipal district is facing a water crises.  Dwindling water supplies and predictions of little rain during the next six month period means that, residents, business, local government and all civic stakeholders share the responsibility of working together to find solutions to this very serious issue.

According to the most recent reports by the Grahamstown Residents Association (GRA) on 20 April, “It is not certain how far below 30% Settlers can be pumped, and the water available in Howieson’s Poort Dam represents a maximum 3 months of reserves.”

Although increased intervention from local government is required to work toward guarding against such extreme cases of water shortage, at the moment individual citizens and households can do a great deal to alleviate the stress on our current water supply.

As a tool to lodge service delivery issues such as leaking pipes and water mains, as well as burst pipes and low water pressure, MobiSAM allows individual citizens to add to the repository of information regarding the state of Makana’s water supply. Through the use of the MobiSAM website citizens feed data directly to Makana, empowering the various departments responsible for tending the issues by providing continued updates on the location and severity of water supply issues. This in turn enables the municipal teams to streamline their approach to maintaining the overall water supply.

MobiSAM’s commitment to transparency and accountability ensures that the above processes are logged and made visible via our website and social media updates as the MobiSAM team tries to keep you, the residents well informed about the nature and expected duration of all planned interruptions in daily municipal services.

The water crises is not one to simply go away and will require increased and sustained effort on the part of all stakeholders in Makana to stave off possible disaster. As MobiSAM we urge you to stay informed and work toward saving as much water as possible. If you have any service delivery issues to report we encourage you to register and log on to or to connect with us via our facebook and twitter pages.

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